B.B.E. Case Studies

BotWhy by Medibank


Project: BotWHy 



How do you start a conversation when you don't know what questions to ask?


Discover everything you need to know about private health cover with just one question - ‘why?’.

Introducing BotWhy - a bold chatbot designed to breakdown 'why the *@$%' Australians need health insurance. With over 900 million daily users, we figured it made sense to use Facebook Messenger to spark up a conversation with our young (and impatient) target audience.

Our conversational architecture (the design behind our conversations) funnels prospects from consideration to purchase. By taking advantage of Messenger's ability to drive commerce conversationally, we created simple opportunities to prompt sales. We also threw in a marketing campaign that capitalised on Facebook’s latest ad-to-messenger functionality. BotWhy aligns business to consumer communications with the forefront of technological innovations.



Year: 2017
Categories: Strategy, Ecommerce, User Experience, Design, iOS


B.B.E has been our catalyst for change. They've turned us into a content marketing business.

William Falkingham
Medibank, Head of Creative Services, Content Marketing and Social Media