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Live Better


Project: Live better



Can three content marketing platforms perform better as one?



We took Medibank’s three content marketing sites, and streamlined them into one efficient brand architecture. We drove user engagement by focusing on an information architecture and development led design. And we almost doubled the user aquisition of Medibank’s target market in the process. 

While consolidating three sets of CMS’ (and brand legacies) is no small feat, we didn’t stop there. We also merged three sets of data profiles, simplifying the tracking of customer engagement across each stream of content marketing. And while we were at it, we reviewed how the platform analytics could help inform Medibank’s editorial and eDM program. 


  • Target audience increased in traffic from 8% to 15% 
  • Site became responsible for 5% of online transaction revenue within 2 months since launch
  • Increased mobile views by 15% and tablet views by 2% 



Year: 2017
Categories: Strategy, Ecommerce, User Experience, Design, iOS

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B.B.E has been our catalyst for change. They've turned us into a content marketing business.

William Falkingham
Medibank, Head of Creative Services, Content Marketing and Social Media