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Move with Momentum

Momentum Energy


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In a category suffering from discount fatigue, how can we elevate Momentum Energy above retail offers and connect emotionally?


Take Momentum Energy’s local ownership and translate it into hyper local insights that resonate with Melbourne’s movers.

Targeting Momentum’s valuable movers segment, we developed the ‘Move with Momentum’ brand platform - demonstrating that being locally owned makes Momentum the most empathetic energy retailer to move house with.

These local insights helped us create tailored campaign messages across Victoria, that even had us trending on Melbourne’s subreddit. Including a 30 second film and a series of large and small format OOH placements, we contextualised every element of the campaign using localised creative.

Without relying on confusing discounts, our targeted messaging resonated. Across digital and social banners, we created one of Momentum’s highest performing campaigns. By tapping into community narratives we created an awareness campaign that reached Momentum’s audience with a message that was engaging, fun, and memorable.


The below figures have been taken for the period March to May; data has been compared for the period December to February, All %'s have been rounded up.

Since the campaign began we have seen:

  • 88% increase in All Digital Sales

  • 57% increase in the average digital conversion rate

  • 10% increase in the average call centre conversion rate


Year: 2017
Categories: Strategy, Ecommerce, Design


They’re shaking up VC.

Geoff Bainbridge