B.B.E. Case Studies



Project: Wrapped



Create and stand up a new ecommerce store in two months: impossible?



We created Wrapped by RedBalloon as a joint venture with RedBalloon. Our mission was to celebrate people’s unique relationships by making thoughtful gifting easier. 

First, we created the brand. Then, we stood up a fully transactional, UX focused website - just in time for Christmas shopping. 

We debuted Wrapped with Australia’s Biggest #WrapBattle, challenging our suppliers to a Christmas wrapping tournament. Our social community voted hundreds of times across 8 glorious battles. This lifted the supplier offering, 
and allowed us to live up to our brand promise.


  • 700+ products at launch
  • Over 10,000 orders fulfilled in 3 months
  • Over $1m worth of product sold in first 4 months



Year: 2016
Categories: Strategy, Ecommerce, User Experience, Design, iOS

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We partnered with B.B.E not just to help us build a great brand and website, but to help us develop our business.

Nick Baker
Redballoon CEO